What Is a Condo PTAC Repair in Kelowna?

First things first, what exactly is a Condo PTAC Repair in Kelowna? Typically, PTACs are commercial-grade air conditioners that are installed directly through a wall. Usually, you’ll find them placed through an external wall right above the floor and under a window.

You may not even realize that you’ve seen them before, or at least didn’t know what exactly they were called. If you’ve spent any time in hotels traveling for work or vacation, most likely you’ve stayed in a room with a PTAC. They’re also commonly found in assisted living facilities, sunrooms, offices, and more.

What Are The Top Benefits of PTACs?

Lets break it down. What are some key features that make PTACs an attractive option to some building and home owners?

  • Simple Installation: They quickly install directly into a wall using a wall sleeve that’s typically included with the unit. Unlike other air conditioning options, there’s no ductwork required.
  • Affordability: If you’re an owner of hotels or apartments, the cost is a key concern. Most PTACs can be bought for less than $1599, making them a cost-effective option for multi-room comfort.
  • Increased Efficiency: Building owners typically compare PTACs versus window air conditioners when deciding which option to install. With high Energy Efficiency Ratios (EER), they may be a more efficient cooling option than window units.
  • Quiet Performance: Nothing can be a dent in repeat business is your guests not getting a good nights sleep. PTACs are designed to operate more quietly than other options.
  • Simple to Operate: No matter who is using the unit, with intuitive user-friendly controls anyone can operate a PTAC.

Where Are PTACs Usually Installed?

PTACs are most often seen in the hospitality industry and commercial settings, though you can also install them in residential applications too. Common areas where you may see a PTAC include:

Dorm Rooms

How Do You Choose the Right PTAC for You?

Finding the right model for your home or business doesn’t have to be confusing. There are a few key items you should consider when deciding which PTAC is best for you.

  • Its Power: The power of PTACs is measured by BTUs. The larger the room you’re cooling, the more BTUs you need. Check out the number of BTUs you need for common room sizes here.
  • Year-Round Use: PTACs aren’t just great for cooling but many can be used for heating too. When you need year-round comfort, choose a model that has built-in heating functions.
  • Plug Type: You’re going to be plugging the unit into a power supply. Before purchasing, make sure its plug face matches your space’s requirements.

In Summary

PTACs are commercial-grade air conditioners that are installed directly through a wall and are most commonly found in hotels, dorms, assisted living facilities and more.

If you own a dysfunctional air conditioning system, more specifically, a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner that is out of service, and are looking for highly trained professionals who can fix your PTAC in minimal costing, we are the ones you are looking for. We at Condo AC Solutions, Kelowna bring about the best quality service at prices so low that it is hard to imagine. We treat all sorts of air conditioners, specifically PTACs with care and our trained professionals are capable of fixing any issues to the root.

Affordable PTAC Repair & Replacement

Despite being a newcomer in the field of Condo PTAC Repair in Kelowna & AC servicing, Condo AC Solutions has made a name for itself by providing excellent services at the most affordable and reasonable prices. Condo AC Solutions focuses on fixing the issues of the clients and relieving them of their agony at prices that won’t prove to be a burden on their wallets. We keep it at the top of our priority list to treat our customers fairly and to provide trustworthy quality work with products that will last for years to come.

Services by best professionals

Condo PTAC Repair in Kelowna is home to a team of expert professionals who have trained themselves extensively and have years of experience. They are capable of dealing with any kind of issues with your PTAC and with full excellence. We do not allow untrained professionals to go on working sites. The work is done by the experts who have the full know-how of the job. We focus on preparing the next generation of experts too. The untrained hands on deck are usually tagged along with the experts to gain experience and increase their knowledge.

Our PTAC repair service includes

Condo AC Solutions specialises in all sorts of AC and Condo PTAC Repair in Kelowna and replacement services at very affordable prices. Along with repairs and replacement, we also impart every bit of knowledge to our clients related to PTACs. Before initiating our services, we take care of the following things:

  • PTAC measurement and size
  • Determining BTUS
  • Determining Electrical requirements and Voltages
  • Determining Amps and installing power cords.
Condo AC Solutions is always ready to help its clients with their heating and Condo PTAC Repair in Kelowna needs.
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