Condo AC Solutions is a new, but quality service provider which has extended its services to Kelowna, BC. We deal in all sorts of services related to Window AC and Through the Wall AC units. We at Condo AC Solutions understand the cooling and heating needs of our clients and try to deliver the best of our services in a hassle-free manner. We try to keep our work quiet and free from distraction. The goal is to work in silence so that the people around don’t get distracted.

We possess all the knowledge and know-how of servicing of Window and PTAC units and put everything to use in order to bring out splendid results.

Quality Window & Through the Wall AC servicing by Experts

Condo AC Solutions has a fully trained and well equipped team of professional experts who are always ready to go out on jobs according to the needs of our clients. We do not allow untrained hands to go on jobs alone. Only the best people working under our brand are given the tasks. We at Condo AC Solutions take it in consideration that the untrained staffs are sent on sites along with the experts.

Condo AC Solutions provides its services and has been doing so for a good amount of time. The quality of the service that we provide is excellent and the cost to avail our services is so affordable, it’s almost hard to believe. Our experts are highly trained professionals and hence, adhere well to the code of professionalism.

Our Window AC Service Includes

Condo AC Solutions offers a wide range of services to clients in Kelowna, BC with specialization in Window AC services. Our experts are quite adept in the work they do. Our services include repairs and replacements of dysfunctional window air conditioning units. Although we do not stock up on the air conditioning units ourselves, we have partnered with big brands like LG and provide units of such brands. The clients are given a number of options to select from and the units installed are in accordance with the choice they make.

Condo AC Solutions provides its services at various locations – residential, as well as commercial.

Our Through The Wall AC Service Includes

Condo AC Solutions specialises in dealing with Through The Wall AC units. Our experts have a good amount of experience in fixing the issues of Through the Wall AC units. Our services include repairs, as well as replacements of dysfunctional units.

Our experts, while examining the unit, look at everything while offering their service – Electrical requirements, cords and amps, measurements, BTUS, wall sleeves. Other than this, the experts also give suggestions to the clients regarding any changes that are to be made in the surroundings.

Why choose us for Window & Through the Wall AC service in Kelowna

Condo AC Solutions has made a big name for itself in the market. There are various factors that have helped us climb the height. Our team of expert professionals, their know-how of the subject, and the affordable prices that we deal in give us an edge above other AC service providers in the market.

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