Partners Sean Lancaster and Marcus Dearin started this company when they realized the Okanagan condo community was seriously under-served. The Co-Founder Sean learned this the hard way when the PTAC unit in his residence broke down. After calling every single refrigeration company in town he found out that not only were parts not available locally but also that the prices for replacements were outrageously high. As certified HVAC/R service technicians, the pair were able to source the same brands of equipment from a wholesale retailer at a much more reasonable cost. It was a real eye-opener which inspired them to start Condo AC Solutions aiming at offering local customers the exact products, warranties, and quality services national dealers could offer but at considerably lower prices. Since then Marcus and Sean have put together a wide range of products relying on a large network of local wholesalers, enabling Condo AC Solutions to offer the lowest prices in town.¬† The price of every unit is inclusive of delivery and installation and all customers are guaranteed worry-free maintenance which helps extending PTAC units’ life, resulting in greater efficiency, and hence greater savings.


Owners Sean Lancaster and Marcus Dearin have one priority, to treat their customers fairly and to provide trustworthy quality work with products that will last for years to come. Both owners themselves live with their families in Kelowna and plan on staying long past retirement. Both Marcus and Sean are committed to giving back to the community the¬† best way they can. They’re nevertheless committed to bringing quality HVAC solutions to their customers at fair prices and will not slow down until every single one of their customers is satisfied.


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